Does the city need MORE new taxes?

The last Mayor pushed through a new "Fee" which was added to everyone's gas and electric bills. He said this was needed for the new Waste Water Treatment Plant, which will cost about two to three million dollars. With the reduction in Legislative Government Aid and the recent elimination to Market Value Credit, the city must now be more creative with ways to finance such large projects.

Are there any other options? - YES!

As a City Council member, Chuck suggested three good options to create the same amount of revenue as the new tax but which would not raise taxes.
Option 1: Property that the city currently uses for storage could be rented to startup businesses.
Option 2: Establish a lease agreement for a cell tower. Neither option raises taxes or creates a new tax. The City will simply offer services to businesses, which will be better equipped to serve their customers.
Option 3: The city currently allocates a portion of their overall budget each year to our general project fund (about $170,000). This money is then used to fund a major project of some sort in the city every three years.

Chuck's solution is to reduce the revenue allocated for these major projects by roughly 27% and then schedule them every four years rather than three.

The city CAN do this without inventing new taxes to impose on the citizens of Mantorville.

Waste Water Treatment

The city needs to make the best financial decision for the people of Mantorville. There are a couple of different options for the new plant. The options include do a phased upgrade to our existing plant, building a new plant or entering an agreement with Kasson. "The citizens of Mantorville will be best served if the lowest sustainable option is pursued and that is my commitment to the citizens of Mantorville." - Chuck Bradford

Historic Preservation

Mantorville is uniquely rich in historic culture and charm. Responsible stewardship for the city will include carefully maintaining this heritage while promoting economic growth and nurturing our existing businesses.

   Prepared and paid for by Chuck Bradford